Why Work With Missy And Her Team

When choosing a real estate agent, most consider two things: who their friends and family have worked with, and who has the best track record in their existing/desired neighborhood. Many people call Missy for one or both of these reasons.

But that’s only the beginning of the story. What really sets Missy apart is the person she is, the six person team supporting her, and the outstanding results they deliver!



There are many ways to describe Missy. Highly competitive. Experienced. Well-liked. Respected. Smart. Connected. Simply put, Missy is – and always has been – a Winner, and she applies that mentality on behalf of all her clients.


Buying and selling property is complicated and requires exacting attention to detail. Fortunately, from everything to working with contractors to get your listing ready for sale to dropping off the keys, Missy’s team has you covered.


Almost all agents share marketing resources with many others at their brokerage, leading to interruptions in service and potential conflicts of interest. Missy’s team, however, has not one but two pedigreed marketers as well as a proprietary social media marketing strategy, which results in maximum exposure for your property.