Why Work with Missy



Real estate transactions can be intense and stressful. They require quick decision making and a lot of back and forth communication. It helps to have an upbeat, knowledgeable confidante.

What people often forget is how important it is that you work with an agent who is liked by other agents. Missy has a reputation of being very ethical and getting deals done. Agents really like working with her, she knows the San Francisco 'playing field' and is in the know about off-market opportunities.

In the end, it is the relationships that enable Missy to get you the information you need and which makes the difference between winning and losing.  



Smart and strategic are essential skills while the understanding other side is important too. Your agent needs to be a great negotiator as real estate deals are not always straightforward so they often require creativity and out of the box solutions. As a graduate of Princeton University, where she majored in sociology and earned a certificate in Visual Arts (Photography), Missy has this covered.

A passion for winning comes in handy too. At Princeton, Missy captained a national championship squash team and achieved first team All-American honors four times – a drive she now employs when helping her clients realize their real estate goals.



Missy has 15+ years of experience selling $600+ million of real estate in San Francisco. She grew up in the business as her family owns and rents 250+ residential units and 250,000 square feet of office space. Missy has seen and heard it all, or knows who to call for guidance. Missy has bought, sold and remodeled properties for her own family and understands the ins and outs of homeownership. She makes sure you don’t miss a beat and her team is there every step of the way.



Missy and her team have developed a proprietary social media advertising strategy specific to each listing, maximizing the exposure of your property to a targeted buying audience. They employ a combination of traditional display ads and retargeting ads, reaching buyers who are active in the market and ready to purchase.

Social Media is the primary source of real estate information. Missy’s properties have an impressive track record of social media impressions and engagement within the San Francisco market.

Missy would be happy to share more specifics with you.



Missy has sold amazing houses, both big and small. She really enjoys every deal. Missy gets motivated by her interactions with people, and in the end, she cares about you winning. 

Contact Missy to chat about your options in the San Francisco Real Estate market, or to connect you with someone knowledgable in other markets. Whether you are thinking of buying or selling, take the next step by reaching out.

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